Shoulda Been Blonde

Shoulda Been Blonde formed in Shawnee, OK in 2012 by Peyton Wilson and sisters Brenna and Mirran Grein. Peyton and Brenna were 13 at the time and Mirran just 11. By 2016, in order to expand their sound, the band recruited Brenna and Mirran’s cousin Lauren Grein, who was 15 and later in 2017 added Madelyn Idleman who was just 11 at the time. With all 5 girls competent vocalists, early gigs featured lots of harmonies and saw the girls switching roles and instruments on most every song.

After 6 years and 2 EP’s, the girls (ranging in age from 14-20) have both refined and simplified their sound. With Peyton and Brenna handling most of the songwriting duties, the band has settled on a consistent lineup of Peyton on vocals, Brenna on harmony vocals, bass and keyboards, Lauren covering lead guitar, Maddie playing rhythm and acoustic guitar and Mirran on drums.

Gigs feature mostly original material but also showcase covers from some of the girl’s favorite bands like Paramore, Florence and the Machine, The Killers, Walk the Moon and Bastille or they might include a unique version of a Taylor Swift or Shawn Mendez song.

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