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Yardbone - MisFEST 2019
Yardbone @yardboneband @yardboneband Yardbone Yardbone Yardbone, previously Gypsy Soul, is a Tulsa-based band with a unique sound that includes original music and covers ranging from rock and blues to charming, sultry songs and even an original song with some reggae inspiration. We give an energetic show with unique songs, a wide range of sound,...
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Tea Rush - MisFEST 2019
Tea Rush
Tea Rush @TeaRushMusic @tearush Tea Rush @tearush Tea Rush is a soulful songstress born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As stated in The Tulsa Voice, her debut album, All of Me is “a blend of R&B and hip-hop. Its opening and closing tracks showcase her soulful, melodic voice, while in between her versatility is obvious...
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Shoulda Been Blonde - MisFEST 2019
Shoulda Been Blonde
Shoulda Been Blonde @ShouldaBeenBlonde2 @Shou1daBeen @shouldabeenblonde Shoulda Been Blonde Shoulda Been Blonde Shoulda Been Blonde formed in Shawnee, OK in 2012 by Peyton Wilson and sisters Brenna and Mirran Grein. Peyton and Brenna were 13 at the time and Mirran just 11. By 2016, in order to expand their sound, the band recruited Brenna...
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Good Villains - MisFEST 2019
Good Villains
Good Villains @Goodvillainsband @GoodVillainsOK @goodvillainsband Good Villains Good Villains Good Villains story-teller theme is blended with expert musicianship and an eerie sense of childishness. A Leading contender in the "doom-pop" genre, Good Villains are imaginative, expressive, and yet so full of the unknown. There are no limits for this musical power-house.
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Bambi - MisFEST 2019
Bambi @shakera.simmons @bambidatchick Bambi As A Bold and On the Rise Rapper, Singer and Songwriter based in Tulsa, Oklahoma Bambi is already catching the eyes and ears of Fans and fellow Music Artists alike. With her captivating versatility and raw lyrics and emotions she's determined to be heard. Unafraid to say the things we think...
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Smoochie Wallus - MisFEST 2019
Smoochie Wallus
Smoochie Wallus @smoochiewallus @smoochiewallusmusic @smoochiewallus Smoochie Wallus Smoochie Wallus is a quintet from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Formed in the late Summer of 2016, the band has succeeded in forging their own unique style. By composing original songs and reinterpreting classic ones, they continue to stir their individual creativity and collective spirit with the aspiration of...
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KT Tunstall - MisFEST 2019
KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall @kttunstall @kttunstall @kttunstall @kttunstallofficial Sitting, eyes closed in the sunshine in Nashville's Centennial Park in Spring 2017 on tour, KT Tunstall had an epiphany. It encompassed both her last album, 'KIN', that entered the UK top 10 in 2016, and her as-yet-unrecorded sixth studio album. There were some things she knew instantly....
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