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Amira Al-Jiboori - MIsFEST

Amira Al-Jiboori

Amira is a co-founder/executive committee member with primary roles of music/creative coordination, public relations, and finance.  During the week she is a physical therapist and clinical manager of an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Broken Arrow.  She also plays percussion for Casii Stephan and the Midnight Sun. She is an ambassador for the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, has volunteered at events such as the Route 66 Marathon and Blue Whale Comedy Festival, and has been privileged to play percussion at festivals such as Oktoberfest and Tulsa’s Great Raft Race. Her other passions include playing tennis competitively, volunteering for the Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association, and perfecting her barista skills. Amira is a native Tulsan. She is excited to be a part of MisFEST to shed a much-deserved spotlight on the diverse female talent in the region, to continue highlighting Tulsa as a destination for music events and festivals, and to support the great festival benefactors, the YWCA of Tulsa and River Parks Authority.

Casii Stephan - MisFEST

Casii Stephan

Casii Stephan is on the Executive Committee and questions whether she should be on it or not. She is a singer-songwriter and performs in Tulsa under the name Casii Stephan and the Midnight Sun. Between music, a day job and helping to put together MisFEST, her hobbies include sleeping, napping and daydreaming. She believes in MisFEST as a vehicle to bring female singer-songwriters together and loves that Tulsa is the city to host this.

Ryan Howell - MisFEST

Ryan Howell

Ryan is the token male of the group and current Events Coordinator for River Parks Authority. As, such, he’s deeply involved with many of Tulsa’s biggest and best festivals including the Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa, Folds of Honor FreedomFest 4th of July Celebration, the Blue Whale Comedy Festival, Tulsa’s Juneteenth, and is the founder of BaseCamp Camping and Music Festival at Turkey Mountain. Because this is just not enough to keep him from boredom, Ryan is also a storyteller and stand-up comedian who grew up in Tulsa. In 2015, he was named “The Best Storyteller in Tulsa”. His comical and entertaining stories have been featured in storytelling festivals around the state, onstage at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, and National Public Radios’ Tales from the South.

Mary Fencl - MisFEST

Mary Fencl

Mary is the Operations Manager for MisFEST and owns her own event planning company.

Always eager to get involved in any event and support Tulsa based projects wherever she can, she volunteered most recently to help organize the Great Raft Race after party.

After being married for 6 years, Mary and her husband are expecting their first child in March.

“Tulsa has an amazing community and we are always eager to help people follow their passions. MisFEST is a great opportunity to show this town what inspirational female artists we have in our own backyard and help support these amazing women and their talents!”

Tina Crouch - MisFEST

Tina Crouch

Tina is a social media manager from Tulsa, and running the social networks as part of the MisFEST committee. While not exactly musically talented, she loves both attending and working music festivals, usually as part of Social Media Tulsa. During the day, she works at CS3 Technology as well as The Bridge coworking space. You can usually find her reading a book or hanging out with some horses. Tina loves supporting all things local, especially fellow women and music!

Rebecca Reynolds - MisFEST

Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca is the MisFEST Hospitality Coordinator but during the week she works at a software company managing an online store and maintaining relationships with media providers. She works with a team of creatives who are just as passionate as she about quality experiences for each customer and also about having a tone of fun at work.

Rebecca has lived in Tulsa since she was a toddler and she has a serious love for this city! She attended Tulsa schools from kindergarten through her senior year and then went on to the University of Tulsa. Rebecca worked for several years planning and catering events in the Tulsa area and just can’t get enough of T-town!

Rebecca enjoys books, art, and music. The Tulsa music scene has so much to offer and she’s thrilled to be a part of something that is both brand new and also engrossed in a much larger story of music in this city. Tulsa has a culture of creativity and development. MisFest is an integral part of our continued growth in that area as well as a much needed champion for women in music.

Lindsay Jordan - MisFEST

Lindsay Jordan

Lindsay Jordan, MNM, CFRE has served as the director of development for YWCA Tulsa for two and a half years, working to stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen communities. A passionate advocate for human rights, she has raised nearly $30 million in the past eight years for a multitude of worthy causes and served on numerous boards focusing on health and safety, the arts, and leadership development. A former vocalist, Lindsay holds a duel interest in the success of MisFEST; first as a conduit for focusing on and elevating women in the music industry, and secondly as a fan and consumer of great local music.

Renee Nordholm - MisFEST

Renee Nordholm

Renee is the Volunteer Coordinator for MisFEST- she’s looking forward to helping build our continuously growing community of strong women leaders and musicians. A native to Tulsa, Renee has worked closely in accounting, event management/planning, and marketing roles with local small businesses such as Made: The Indie Emporium shop and annual show, Living Arts of Tulsa, and most recently, Dwelling Spaces. Though not a musician herself, she avidly attends local shows and supports our local music scene as much as possible through volunteer efforts. She spends her free time exploring and photographing Oklahoma, curating her Instagram, thinking, napping, and tending to her various craft projects.

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